Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

June 12, 2014

Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

Adding a Sprinkler System to your lawn and garden has many benefits.

First and foremost, it saves tons of time compared to watering by hand. Most homeowners do not have the time and energy required to spend the hours needed to keep their lawn wet and green during the hot summer months.

Also, an automated irrigation system actually saves water compared to watering by hand.

It gives each part of the yard/landscape the exact amount of water it needs. Water is saved through preventing over-watering, which also saves plants and grass from dying/growing fungus through over-saturation.

Lawn irrigation is also a great investment. While saving you time throughout the years (time =  money), it also adds value to your home in two ways. First, the fact that you already have a sprinkler system installed adds direct value to the home. Secondly, a home with a green lawn and healthy landscape is more aesthetically pleasing, which will add value in the eyes of an appraiser and purchaser.

sprinkler system install

Sprinkler systems have many modern technological features that add even more benefit to having the system installed. Companies like ours use the Rain Sensor by Hunter Industries to save even more money on your water bill. When the Rain Sensor detects moisture, it prevents your system from running again and over-watering the lawn.

An even more advanced tool, the Solar Sync by Hunter Industries, has various weather sensors that will even adjust specific water times on different zones to account for changes in temperature, humidity, etc. without any human intervention.

Overall, a new Sprinkler System has many solid benefits that make it one of the smartest purchases to improve your property.