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You’re out mowing your home or business’ lawn every week. But dead spots, weeds and pests still abound. So what’re you doing wrong?

Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It could be that you aren’t fertilizing correctly in the spring. Or, perhaps you’re doing everything right, but for the wrong type of grass.

Fortunately, the lawn care maintenance experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions have you covered. Our blog effectively serves as a seasonal maintenance checklist for home- and business-owners. We give you actionable advice on how to care for your lawn during every season.

Our blog offers seasonal maintenance checklists, lawn care tips and more.

  • Spring lawn maintenance tips
    How you care for your lawn in spring directly affects what your lawn will look like during the hot summer months. Taking into account your grass type—cool season grasses versus warm season grasses—you need to develop a spring preparation plan for your lawn, including weed and pest control, as well as fertilization and prepping your sprinkler system.Keep up-to-date on our spring lawn maintenance blog to learn about how to prepare your lawn for the hot summer months.
  • Summer yard maintenance advice
    Summer heat is tough on your lawn—if you don’t properly care for your lawn during summer, you will likely have dead spots, weeds and pests. Regular summer yard maintenance—fertilization, irrigation mowing and more—can go a long way to ensuring the health of your lawn.Regularly read our summer yard maintenance blog to make sure your lawn stays green all summer long.
  • Actionable winter yard maintenance tips
    Treat your lawn right in the winter, and it will stay healthy all summer long. Most people, however, don’t know how to start with preparing their lawn for winter. Common mistakes include leaving furniture out after the first snow—which compresses the soil and creates dead spots—and not winterizing their sprinkler system, meaning the pipes might freeze or break.To properly prepare your lawn for winter, read our winter yard maintenance blog.

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