Sprinkler systems: Installation, maintenance and ease of use

Irrigation is key to keeping your landscaping green throughout the summer months. At Allen Outdoor, we provide automatic sprinkler systems for every lawn size and budget. With the right irrigation solutions, home- and business-owners can save significantly on water costs as opposed to manual watering. Plus, we can install smart lawn sprinklers that monitor weather conditions and know to skip watering during and after rainfall. For homeowners, this means saving money on your water bill. In commercial applications can also contribute toward green building certifications such as LEED.

Sprinkler system installation: The benefit of an experienced irrigation contractor

At Allen Outdoor, we aim to provide value through every irrigation system we install. That means working with a home- or business-owner to design a sprinkler system that will fit your needs—and your budget. We typically recommend high-quality products such as Hunter, but our technicians are experienced in installing almost any sprinkler system including smart irrigation systems, which relies on ”Solar Sync Weather” technology to monitor weather conditions to prevent overwatering.

Before installation, we’ll work with your utility companies to ascertain where all power and gas lines are located. Then we’ll plan the placement of your lawn sprinklers, which is important for ensuring the complete coverage of your lawn or yard. After installation, our foreman will walk you through how to use and maintain your new system.

Every home, building and athletic field’s sprinkler system needs are different—We’ll guide you toward the right product for you.

Sprinkler System

Maintenance plans for lawn sprinklers provide value and durability

To maximize the service life of your irrigation system, you’ll need to conduct regular maintenance. We offer plans that include system startups before the summer season, backflow testing and check-ins throughout the season, and winterizing at the end of the season. For more information about our maintenance plans, click here.

System startups ensure everything is working properly before you use your lawn sprinklers at the beginning of summer. Check-ins verify the continued function of the system. Backflow testing makes sure used irrigation water doesn’t find its way back into your drinking water. And, winterizing makes sure your sprinkler system will be ready to work next year.

Are you interested in installing a sprinkler system for your home or business? Give the irrigation experts at Allen Outdoor a call, and we’ll talk about what lawn solutions work best for you.