Fence installations for every size and purpose

When home and business owners come to us requesting a fence installation, we usually arrange a complimentary consultation to ascertain what fence type would best fit their needs. As St. Louis’ most trusted fence company, Allen Outdoor Solutions wants to make sure every fence installation and repair we perform meets the client’s needs based on the desired purpose and the size of the enclosed area.

Perhaps you’re calling fencing companies because you’d like to give your pets an enclosed space to run. Or maybe you’re a business owner looking to improve the security of your facility. Whatever your needs, the fence installation experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions will find a fencing solution for you.

Here are some of our fence company’s most popular material options:

  • Invisible fences
    Invisible fences work by shocking or alerting your pets through a special collar when they reach the boundary of your fence. There are several varieties of dog fences that an invisible fence company can install. One variety requires laying a wire in the ground along the boundary line. You can also install wireless dog fences that rely on GPS or radio signals to define the boundary. Allen Outdoor Solutions’ expert technicians can conduct any necessary invisible fence repairs at the same time they service your sprinkler or lighting systems, since we specialize in all things outdoor. Want to make your yard safer for your pets? Give Allen Outdoor Solutions a call.
  • Metal fencing
    Metal fence installations are a popular option, as they require little upkeep and are more resistant to pests and rot than wood fencing. Plus, metal fencing is usually coated with weatherproof coatings, making it resistant to rust. Metal fence repair usually requires re-applying weatherproof coatings and sometimes re-painting.To learn more about our metal fencing services, give Allen Outdoor Solutions a call.
  • Wood fencing
    However, wood fencing provides has a beautiful, rustic aesthetic, which some clients desire. Wood is also ideal for privacy fences, as wood naturally provides better sound proofing than metal fences. Wood fence repair involves having a fencing company such as Allen Outdoor Solutions re-paint or stain the wood periodically as the weather wears it down. In special circumstances wood fences might rot or become infested with pests. This might require having fencing companies remove and replace the current fence.To learn more about our wood fencing services, give Allen Outdoor Solutions a call.
  • Vinyl fencing
    Vinyl fencing, though lighter weight, requires no re-finishing or painting, and can often last longer than wood. It is also available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles.To learn more about our vinyl fencing options, give Allen Outdoor Solutions a call.

Want to work with St. Louis’ most experienced fence company? Give Allen Outdoor Solutions a call today!