Our tree services: Trimming, planting and removing

Trees and shrubs enhance the curb appeal of your St. Louis home or business, but require regular care from a tree service company to maintain their natural beauty, health, as well as to prevent property damage from falling branches.

The tree and shrub care experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions have been caring for trees and shrubs throughout the St. Louis area for years. We provide planting, removing and trimming tree services. More importantly, though, we do it well and aim to please each customer. It’s why we have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Trimming tree services: Keeping your plants healthy

There are many reasons you might need a tree service company to trim or prune your trees and shrubs, but they all boil down to maintaining the health and shape of your plants, as well as preventing the likelihood that branches fall unexpectedly.

When trimming trees and shrubs for aesthetics, our tree service experts will be careful not to carve out too unusual of a shape—which can be unhealthy for the tree—but rather enhance the natural beauty of your plants while meeting your design specifications. Regarding the health of your plants, regularly scheduled tree and shrub care can prevent the spread of disease by trimming infected branches early. Dead branches can also be pruned, allowing the healthy parts of the tree more access to sunlight and water.

Safety is another important consideration for St. Louis tree services. The experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions can easily spot branches that are liable to fall soon. Often, during tree service, we will look for branches that are crossing, cracked or hanging too low. And, those branches growing too close utility lines should be trimmed as well.

If you’re looking for a tree company to prune or trim your trees and shrubs, give us a call.

Planting tree services: Enhance your home or business’ curb appeal

Planting trees provides shade for the areas outside your home or business, and can even enhance curb appeal. Another reason you might have your tree company, Allen Outdoor Solutions, plant shrubs on your property is to save money—bushes around your air conditioning unit can save you money on your cooling bills.

Native species, however, are the safest choices. Allen Outdoor Solutions, the premier St. Louis tree service company, can guide you toward the right tree and shrub species for your home or business. There are special tree and shrub care considerations if you’d like to plant exotic tree and shrub species not native to the St. Louis area. The experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions can guide you through them.

If you’d like to plant trees or shrubs, give us a call. We’ll work withy our design needs and budget constraints to create a landscape design that’s truly special.

Tree removal services

Whether you’re looking to have a fallen tree removed, or a stump pulled from the ground, the tree service experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions have you covered. Dead trees, or those leaning towards your house or the street, are liable to fall soon and can cause great damage on the way down. And, since you could be responsible for the damage caused by trees on your property, it’s important to remove problem trees and shrubs.

We’ll evaluate the situation, give you a fair quote and remove the tree quickly. If you need a tree removed, give us a call.

Looking for a reputable tree company to take care of your home or business’ plants. Give the tree service experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions a call today!