5 Benefits of Adding Hardscaping

June 01, 2015

5 Benefits of Adding Hardscaping

There are many reasons why adding hardscaping to your yard can be valuable. Here are 5 reasons that Allen Outdoor Solutions suggests adding hardscaping to your yard today!

1. Adds Interest

Sometimes you just want to have something a little unique going on.  Some properties might feel too “flat” and some might just lack definition or texture.  Mixing stone with your plants and a few well-placed trees can create a stunning visual effect.  You can use hardscaping to add height and texture that will last year after year.

2. Correct a Grading Problem

Sometimes your landscape can be uneven.  A sloaping driveway, lots of hills, or other problems that make portions of your yard problematic at best.  Using custom stairs, reducing grades or installing paths can help to correct the problem and let you use the areas that you might have otherwise wanted to avoid.

3. Direct Foot Traffic

When installing paths and border plants, you can create a flow to your outdoor space that keeps people off of the grass.  You can direct the foot traffic around your place, leading people to areas of interest and keeping them away from the places you’d prefer they didn’t wander.

4. Better Entertaining Space

A hardscape can provide the foundation for new configurations, new plants and let you and your guests celebrate the sunshine.  You can also have virtually an entire kitchen included in your landscape that makes an outdoor dinner something entirely different.

5. Property Values Increase

There have been studies upon studies with real estate companies letting people know that landscaping almost always increases your property value.  If fixing up your gardens can do that, imagine the wow factor for potential buyers to find out there’s an oasis just outside your back doors?