Hardscaping Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

June 19, 2020

Hardscaping Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

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Hardscaping consists of several measures designed to make your garden look lovely. The specialist perfects such measures by combining several areas of expertise. To organize a magnificent landscape, hardscaping companies go beyond just working with natural soft elements. They also include hard structures in all parts of the garden. Variations in these structures shall be made following the wishes of the homeowner and the competence of the sod services representative.

Landscaping St Louis Architecture

Landscaping architecture is an interdisciplinary field that covers the following aspects:

  • Horticulture
  • Visual art
  • Architecture
  • Industrial design
  • Geology and geosciences
  • The psychology of the environment
  • Geography and environment

The Activities of Landscape Architects May Vary

Landscape architecture requires design, planning, management and administration to build and embellish a natural environment.

Knowledge of Professional landscape architects includes, but is not limited to, slopes, soil conditions, weather, climate, use of space, and others — designing areas, and other structures, protecting nature while rethinking the garden.

Consideration of natural and human factors

The result of this work should be a healthy and comfortable environment for people without harming the environment. Both the architecture and environment should benefit from each other. Some landscape architecture objects develop from construction; others preserve the natural soil and improve aesthetics and quality of use.


Hardscaping companies will customize sculptures to your liking. Each sculpture of the garden will be unique, individual, and will attract the eyes of every passerby.

Consider these elements to make the garden a place not only teeming with plant life but also decorative.

There are many features of the use of sculptures in the gardens. Over millennia, stylish statues of the garden and the park have all but disappeared. Today, sculptures remain a staple of hardscaping. Small architectural forms are the most effective way of conveying the expressiveness of the homeowner while also emphasizing the landscape.

Manufacturers of sod services offer a wide range of summer house or lawn decorative statues.

Landscaping St Louis Sculptors make almost any kind of figure you want. Most of them are in a vertical position. Horizontal statues lay dormant between flower beds, lawns, ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. Whatever your goal, there are many positioning options to choose from.

Sculptures are sometimes the basis of the garden ‘s style and decoration. This is because sculptures often reveal the owner’s taste and character, while still conforming to the general style of the garden. It’s going to be the heart and more than an addition. Today, landscape sculptures come in a variety of forms. The best hardscaping companies are working tirelessly to give the gardens the deepest and most significant depth through this form of craftsmanship.


The terrace is a quiet and comfortable place where peace and inspiration blend. It is an open space on the same floor or at a high level. Here you can bring friends and relatives with you, drink a refreshing beverage, read an exciting book, and admire the beauty of the garden. Even owners of small homes can afford the recreation area. The design can be used all year round for summer recreation or recreational activities.

The location of the terrace plays an important role in landscaping. Dark and distant places are not suitable for this. In cool weather areas, the terrace is located on the south side to make the most of the sun. In warm countries, the outdoor area is set up on the north side.

Water Retaining Structures

The location of the water composition in the garden is significant. The structure of water systems lies in the landscape of the reservoir.

Decorative fountains are even more important for modern and historic landscapes. In particular, there are many examples of historical parks. Just mention masterpieces such as Versailles, and Tivoli. The decorative design of dams, fountains, and pools vary. Their forms, colors, materials, and compositions are currently widespread among hardscaping companies.

The most well-known functions of fountains include visual combinations of colors, light, music, and forms other animated variations in these fountains. These water containment structures have a tremendous emotional impact on the public and contribute to the development of the aesthetics of landscape architecture.

The art of producing a multitude of water jet compositions in these fountains is particularly striking for hardscaping companies. They divide water containment structures for the use of beautification of utilities and decorative devices. For decorative accessories, it is necessary to observe decorative fountains (inkjet) with volumetric sculptures, walls, water levels, waterfalls, and cascades.

The water capacity of plastic is of great importance for landscaping St Louis ‘s gardens. Water has no particular size and shape and, due to its fluidity, it can vary in volume and dimension depending on the nature of its interfaces. That gives homeowners an array of opportunities.

To maintain certain areas, colors, zones, and water levels, it is necessary to anticipate volumes held in the required containers for sod services and construction of water retaining structures.

The Gazebo

Accentuate landscape plots by adding a gazebo in the garden: Note that these are among the most popular garden structures. In them, you can hide from the summer heat and rain, read a book, play board games and get in touch with your friends. Traditional landscape gazebos are wooden structures intertwined with grape, ivy, or similar “green” vines.

Hardscaping companies build gazebos that are four, five, six, seven, or eight-sided. The walls generally raise up to a certain height, which does not affect the garden view but connects with trees that rise above the walls and support the roof. No wall forms the entrance. Its floor is raised above the surface of the earth and rests on supports or columns. 1-3 steps, sometimes with railings, complete the entry.

Stone also produces a gazebo. It can be combined with wood, metal and serve as the basis, its floor, its steps, and its foundations.

There are limited resources for natural stone. Nothing prevents the artificial stone from covering all or part of the entire wooden structure or concrete parts by erecting a temporary removable or collapsible formwork. The structure to be doubled can be folded into light bricks and covered with artificial stones.


In the modern landscape, the sidewalk defines invisible boundaries, and a road network harmoniously coordinates in the garden. It is necessary that the paving of landscaping St Louis garden paths correctly combines with the general style of the house and garden.

Materials for garden paving

Today the choice of materials for garden flooring is very varied. SOD services flooring with small units such as bricks, tiles, and blocks attracts attention with a variety of textures, offers a variety of laying options, and allows you to design the most bizarre shapes. However, paving in gardens with small units is more expensive than laying large slabs.

The most common paved path to the garden is from the house door. However, it is not always worth instructing hardscaping companies to lay paving in a straight line to the courtyard.


There is, of course, a fence in each section. The word “close” does not evoke the most friendly associations. But it’s up to you to make sure that this stereo doesn’t fit your door.

You have to beat the fence to make it a beautiful corner for your garden. We generally accept that the fence’s high hedges compose of wood or brick in our turbulent times.

Either way, attention needs to be diverted from the dark wall of the fence. Landscaping St Louis Experts execute this arrangement in several ways. The most important thing is to maintain a common style across the site.

The fence in the beautiful garden forms the entire interior. Hardscaping companies facilitate this problem by creating local garden areas near the fence, such as rock gardens, a reservoir, and functional nooks for relaxing or welcoming guests.

The fence on the site rarely has a protective function at all. The aim is to create original local interiors in a large garden that does not infringe the general. It quickly creates beautiful closed corners for secluded vacations in a garden with fresh plants.

Landscaping St Louis experts try to use different combinations of the elements they enclose in this enclosure, both in size and design. If this diversity can not actualize, paint applies.

The fence in the lovely garden is made up of the interior. Your efforts are rewarded by a beautiful interior door that transforms the entire garden.


Natural stone is an integral part of the landscape. It’s in harmony with all kinds of plants, trees, and flowers. With this material’s help, you can create a lot of beautiful and practical ideas to improve the environment.

Colorful rubble and stones allow you to create unusual patterns in flower beds. Most importantly, the color scheme of the image is in keeping with the plants and flowers that surround it.

Multicolored gravel rubble mosaic should be set where it can not be broken: on the grass, away from the roads. It is best to use pebbles to lay mosaic paths-large fragments of the mosaic that remain firmly in place without violating the overall image.


Landscaping St Louis Designers treat the patio as a small space next to a stone or tile-paved house; its primary purpose is to relax outdoors.

There are many opportunities for using a patio: in summer, children’s games, picnics, barbecues, sunbathing, or just about any festive summer celebration.

The location is one of the most critical factors in SOD services planning of the patio. We recommend that you design your comfortable platform so that it can be protected from the wind in bad weather and hot conditions, in the shade, and as a shelter from the sun.

The patio material with which it is connected may be one of four types:

  • Pebbles
  • Tiles
  • Rock
  • Parquet Floor

Each blanket has its advantages; you will find a combination of three floors. The patio center is usually a small fountain or a small pond, but you can plant a tree in the center that provides freshness in the afternoon heat with its expanding crown.

Garden Furnace/Fireplace

Garden fireplaces look very attractive for the whole family on a cold night. As far as form and construction are concerned, such an external version of the garden hearth is reminiscent of the standard.

Not only does such a stove decorate the interior of the garden, but it is also used for cooking. But you should only do this in a special fireproof container. The source of the fire is too close to the walls.

Landscaping st louis consultants give you choices of materials to make fireplaces open. Only use refractory materials to make an opening in the suburbs. For this purpose, the following items are often used:

  • rock
  • blocks of concrete
  • a stone, friend of mine

Sometimes there are wooden fireplaces, but their interior decoration is still one of those building materials. The main difference between the outdoor fireplace and the indoor fireplace is the heat and weather-resistant material. Therefore, it is best to use only durable building materials for the construction of outdoor fireplaces.

The outdoor fireplace should not be fitted with an adjustable valve. The air masses can then circulate freely.

Landscaping St Louis Fireplace on a Wooden Terrace

Hardscaping companies usually put an outdoor fireplace on a roofed terrace or deck. It’s supposed to be a chimney that crosses the wall of the building and goes up to the ceiling. You can make a separate fireplace that doesn’t come into contact with the walls of the house. The exhaust pipe is lower in this case.


Traditionally, these walls dry without the use of cement but have no essential structural function in emergency planning. Rounded and smooth stones can be worked into a concrete wall as a decorative element or used to create a rustic wall.

Brick walls can have different thicknesses and withstand considerable loads. The retaining wall’s end often with brick, but a solid technical brick is required here, not a decorative brick. The sides of the brick can be smooth or contain holes for the screed. The exterior has no holes for higher cold resistance.

The material and work required for the landscaping St Louis construction are very high, primarily if the wall consists of small decorative elements – pieces of natural stone, bricks, etc. A concrete wall covered with various decorative elements can be a cheaper alternative. Builders decorate them with materials such as limestone, stone slabs, etc. It can also carry out constructive floor planning activities and become an attractive element for gardening.

The decorative walls can be made of wood and combined. You can plant ornamental plants of embellishment lamps or even strawberries on a sunny wall in the columns between the stones.


The main rule of hardscaping is that the composition must be harmonious and natural. SOD Services must give the impression that the individual components of the stones, flowers, etc. were not created separately. It must appear as if human hands carefully assisted nature in the forming of the garden. Before attempting it on your own, plan the type of hardscaping you want. In turn, professionals from hardscaping companies will collect all kinds of materials to decorate your garden: transforming your residential garden into an oasis.