Hardscaping Ideas For Fall

September 28, 2015

Hardscaping Ideas For Fall

Hardscaping refers to the solid, hard elements in landscape design that stay the same for several years.

Examples of hardscape designs are:


Fire pits



Walkways and stairs

Water features

Retaining walls

Outdoor kitchens

Many different materials are used in hardscape designs, which include:






If part of your plan involves installing stone paving or walls, water features or a fire pit, you should really consider having your hardscape put in during the Fall/Winter months.

This heavier work is somewhat bothersome, and in the colder months it is less of an imposition to have all of this activity going on outside when you are sealed up in your warm with the heat one instead of during Summer when you want to be outside or have your windows open.

It is false that these types of jobs cannot be done in the Winter.  You should build your hardscape structures in the Fall or Winter.  That way, those structures can settle in,  you can plant your trees and larger shrubs so they can take root through the Winter, and then by next Spring your hardscape will be ready to use.

Hardscaping can help you counteract some of the dullness that winter brings with it by adding color and dimension to your landscape. There are more benefits than just this to adding hardscaping to your landscape! Not only will you be adding color and dimension, but you’ll also be adding something that you can use all year round for beauty. For example, if you add a trellis or a paver walkway, you can add something that will look beautiful all year long, with or without plants around it.

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