6 Tips for Winter Landscaping

December 02, 2015

6 Tips for Winter Landscaping

Winter can be a nightmare for anyone who loves gardening.

It’s almost depressing to watch all of your beautiful, brightly colored hard work wither away and disappear under the snow. It doesn’t have to be like this, though. By preparing your landscaping throughout the summer and spring, and even into fall, you can be sure that your yard still looks amazing in the winter.

Here are some tips for winter landscaping.

1. Plant Evergreens

When other trees lose their leaves in the winter and fall months, Evergreens thrive. They look beautiful when covered with snow, but they also look great year round. Not only that, but—despite the name—Evergreens actually come in a wide variety of colors like yellows and blues.

2. Consider Hardscaping

A hardscaping structure won’t wilt away when the weather gets cold. Figure out where your landscaping is missing a focal point and consider building something instead of planting something.

3. Add Color Elsewhere

Even though your colorful blooms are long gone, that doesn’t mean your yard has to be colorless. Consider painting a fence or a bench–or even just your door–a bright color to help liven up your winter landscaping.

4. Include Berries

Many shrubs and trees don’t lose their berries in the fall and winter. These plants will still look good in the summer and spring, and they’ll add a pop of color to your landscaping in the winter.

5. Look for Winter Plants

There are many plants that have foliage through all four seasons. While these are extremely viable options, also consider planting some cool-weather blooms, like camellias or hellebores.

6. Add Light

What’s the point of having beautiful and colorful winter landscaping if no one can see it? Adding outdoor light fixtures can enhance your yard, especially if the light is focused on an interesting tree or hardscaping feature.

Although the winter time can be cold and gloomy, it doesn’t have to be colorless. Allen Outdoor Solutions can help you brighten up your yard this winter. Give us a call today!