How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

February 05, 2019

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can do it all: safety, security, and style. It’s the finishing touch on your home’s exterior, and it can take a little bit of planning to get the best look and the best lighting effect.

With the wide variety of outdoor light fixtures available today, it isn’t always easy to choose the right one for your home. However, a few practical questions to ask yourself can help narrow down your lighting design options so you can move on to the fun part: picking out your lights!

1. What style do you want?

Whether your home is a stately Victorian or a comfortable bungalow, it has a look all its own, and you’ll want lighting fixtures to match.

When you’re choosing outdoor lighting for your home, first consider the overall style. Is it more modern or traditional?

Then consider the color palette. Earthy tones, beiges, and red brick will look best with lighting that has similar finishes like bronze, brass, or copper. If your home has more of a slate, black, or grey tone, choose lighting with a black, pewter, chrome, nickel, zinc, or white finish.

2. Where do you need to add light?

The key to an effective and aesthetically pleasing light plan is to place light throughout your outdoor space. One porch light usually isn’t enough light for security and safety around your home.

Thankfully, most lighting comes in ”families,” offering fully coordinating fixtures and sizes for different locations. That way, your front porch light, the light on the garage, and any other lights installed will look cohesive and blend into your home’s style.

3. Are there local laws or rules you need to know?

Some states require outdoor light fixtures to be energy efficient. You may also have local restrictions or homeowners’ association guidelines around what kind of outdoor lighting you can use.

Double check any regulations or requirements in your area before you buy!

4. How much light do you need?

One of the most important factors when choosing an outdoor light fixture is its lighted appearance and effect at night. Generally, you want to try and use multiple outdoor light fixtures to avoid too much brightness in one light.

For example, place wall lights at your front and side door in addition to lighting around the garage door or an overhead light in your carport. Maybe add some path lights to line the walkway to the door, too, for extra visibility.

5. Is the light fixture durable enough?

The last thing you want is to install lights outside your home and have them damaged by the elements.

If you’re using an outdoor wall or post light, make sure it’s safe to use direct exposure to rain and the elements. Lights under a covered area like a porch or roof overhang can be ”damp area rated,” which means it shouldn’t directly be exposed to rain.

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