How to Get the Best Sprinkler Design Layout

May 20, 2022

How to Get the Best Sprinkler Design Layout

Landscaping, like any other kind of job, needs to be maintained. The average American homeowner spends a lot on their lawn and garden upkeep each year. If you don’t water your houseplants and outdoor plants regularly, they’re bound to wither away. But even if you do regularly water them, there’s still good reason to get them an extra drink when the weather gets hot, and that’s where the best irrigation solution for your yard comes in.

When you’re thinking about installing a sprinkler design layout in your yard or garden, it can seem like an unnecessary expense and added hassle. After all, how hard is it to water something yourself? But the truth is that watering with a hose can actually erode the soil and damage plants over time. That’s why professional landscapers at Allen Outdoor Solutions always recommend installing the best irrigation system for your trees, hedges, and flowers to help them thrive for years to come.

The good thing about installing the best irrigation system is that it can help minimize water usage. It will also ensure the plant’s roots of specific plants are not damaged. This guide will help you get a suitable sprinkler design layout for your yard. Keep reading to gain more insight.

The Necessary Steps for a Sprinkler Design Layout

A sprinkler design layout installation is a big job, and it’s easy to understand why so many people dread the idea of going through the process. The system needs to be designed, which can involve a lot of homework for the homeowner who just wants things up and running again as soon as possible. This lengthy process is necessary to ensure that you end up with a sprinkler design layout that measures up to all your needs. The good news is that Allen Outdoor Solutions is here to help you achieve the best irrigation system for your needs, and here are the steps that go into the planning:

Step 1: Measure the Size of Your Yard

When you are thinking of installing your best irrigation system, the first thing is to know the size of the lawn. This means you must be fully aware of how to measure it accurately. Otherwise, false results may affect the installation of the sprinkler design layout. This is why it is usually important to seek help from professionals, but you can always measure it yourself to get a rough idea of how big your lawn is. Here is how you should do it:

  • Use a tape measure to take measurements of the building perimeter surrounding your lawn
  • It usually is advisable to begin by taking measurements from one side to achieve accurate readings.
  • Also, use a specific scale on paper to make things easier. For example, you can choose 1sq = 10 feet or any other scale that will work best for you.
  • Do not forget to include other objects on the lawn, e.g., pathways, trees, etc.
  • After you are satisfied with your measurement and drawing, move to the next step.

Step 2: Water Supply — Know How Much Water Will Be Needed to Get the Sprinkler Working

In most cases, the best irrigation systems usually fail because of inadequate water supply. To have the best sprinkler design layout, you must measure your home water supply. There are so many ways to determine your water supply. The first is to seek information from your local water supply, but the best way is always to measure it yourself.

Your water flow and pressure should be at a good point for your sprinkler to work effectively. Since the pressure of your water may vary from one point to the next. It is advisable to use a water gauge, especially if you are working outdoors. First, turn off the water inside your house, then connect your water gauge to an outdoor spigot. Finally, turn on the spigot fully to determine your water supply.

At least, that is the easiest way for you to know if your water supply will allow you to achieve the best irrigation system. Do not forget you can also get help from Allen Outdoor Solutions for the best outcome.

Step 3: Divide Your Lawn into Hydrozones

The best irrigation systems are customized to each area of your lawn, and the way to accomplish that is through creating hydrozones. Hydrozones are a way of visually dividing your property into easily identifiable areas by the amount of water they use. This can help you make better sense of your water consumption and reduce it. It can also help you achieve a consistent look throughout your property. For example, you can divide your lawn into four different parts, which include;

  • Routine Irrigation Zone: This is where the irrigation system will mostly be in use.
  • Reduced Irrigation Zone: This part is important but less active.
  • Limited Irrigation Zone: A lot of irrigation is not needed in this section. However, it should still be maintained.
  • No Irrigation Zone: In this section, irrigation is not necessary. It mostly depends on rainwater.

Step 4: Select a Suitable Head for Your Sprinkler

Sprinklers come in many varying forms, but they all require some type of head. A sprinkler head is the portion of the sprinkler that actually sprays out the water to irrigate your lawn or garden. The head is usually in charge of how wide an area is covered and how tall the lines are that make up the pattern. The most common types are:

  • Rotor heads: This is suitable for large areas due to its low precipitation rate, which allows it to cover a large area over a long time.
  • Spray heads: Spray heads are best for small areas that require a lot of water over a short period. These types of heads require more maintenance as they get clogged easily.
  • Micro/Drip Irrigation: It is best for planted areas and covered grounds as they get water directly to the plant’s roots.
  • Fixed Sprays: If you want to deliver water to the same spot every day, this sprinkler head is suitable for you.

Step 5: Design the Sprinklers’ Layout

This is one of the most crucial steps as it determines the amount of area your sprinklers will cover. Therefore, when finalizing the sprinkler design layout installation, you must ensure the system will effectively deliver to eliminate the dry spots on your lawn.

It is crucial to get an excellent overlap to avoid wasting water. To achieve this, you must measure the radius between your sprinklers to get a head-to-head overlap. If you are having trouble getting the results you desire, Allen Outdoor Solutions will help you fix everything, including showing you how to adjust your sprinkler’s radius to get the best irrigation system in your yard.

Step 6: Create Piping Systems for the Sprinklers

Installing the piping system for your sprinkler design layout is a great way to get the water you need where you need it. While you can use them for nourishing plants to bringing water to your house, they work exceptionally well for watering your lawn when connected to a sprinkler.

To achieve the best irrigation system, sort the small and large sprinkler heads into clusters of different circuits. Each cluster will be controlled using a specific valve. Once you are done sorting, connect your fittings, pipes, valves, and sprinkler head to work together.

Also, while organizing the piping system, ensure your find an appropriate spot for the pipe. You’ll want to place the pipe next to a faucet or another water source so that you can easily attach it. Ensure that there is enough room for the pipe to stretch out as far as you want it and that there is a safe place for the pipe to land when it empties itself.

What are the Most Important Things to Consider When Installing a Sprinkler?

When planning a sprinkler design layout for the first time, there are many different factors to consider. Here are the main ones:

Water Supply

Do you have enough water to power your sprinklers? If you do not have enough water, the sprinklers may not be effective. However, you can use specific sprinklers that do not require a lot of water pressure. It is also essential to use a reasonable water pressure on your sprinklers to avoid overpowering them.

Quality of Your Soil

There are different soil types, and it is vital to check the type of soil you have. Some soil retains too much water, which may end up damaging your plants and trees. Therefore, check the quality of your soil to determine how much water you need on your lawn.

The Location of the Sprinklers

Depending on the size of your garden or loan, you need to think carefully when it comes to sprinkler design layout. It is not all about placing sprinklers anywhere around your home. You need to ensure it covers the most critical parts of your land. Also, the pathways should not be overwatered as they can become slippery.

The Type of Sprinkler

Over the years, water sprinklers have evolved into a wide variety of different designs and styles. The basic function remains the same, but many types of sprinklers serve a specialized purpose or add extra functionality beyond the basic function. Therefore, while choosing your home sprinklers, it is important to consider the purpose, durability, and cost, among other things. Some common types of sprinklers include:

  • Pop-up Sprinklers
  • Rotary Sprinklers
  • Traveling Sprinklers
  • Oscillating Lawn Sprinklers

How Much Water Do Your Plants Need?

When planning for a sprinkler design layout, it is crucial to look at the trees to know if they need a lot or a moderate amount of water. Some trees and flowers may quickly spoil if exposed to excess water. Therefore, this should also be a factor to consider to achieve the best irrigation plan for your yard.

What Time of Day Should I Water?

Different people choose different times of day to water their lawn. It is usually advisable to water your plants and grass during the daytime because the sun’s heat will evaporate the excess water. Watering in the evening might cause mold growth.

How to Maintain Your Sprinklers

The sprinkler design layout is not the only important thing you should do. Maintaining the sprinklers is also crucial to ensure your plants and trees are well watered throughout the year. Here is how you should ensure your sprinklers are in good shape:

Always Check the Water Pressure

When using sprinklers, it is essential to know that they have a water pressure limit. If it exceeds, it may cause the sprinkler to break or loosen. Therefore, make sure your water pressure is within the correct limit, depending on your sprinkler.

Clean and Check Your Sprinkler’s Head Frequently

It is normal to get a clogged sprinkler’s head, but what you do about the situation makes a difference. Clogged heads can limit water flow to your lawn, creating many dry spots. It is important to clean them and check if there are any broken parts on the sprinklers. An effective sprinkler head offers the best irrigation system, allowing plants to use up enough water.

Adjust Your Sprinkler’s Head to Face in the Right Direction

Sometimes when the water pressure is too high, it may cause the sprinkler to tilt a bit. It is important to adjust the sprinkler once in a while to ensure it is aiming in the right direction. This will prevent water from flooding one area of the yard.

Upgrade Your Sprinklers

No matter how well you have installed your sprinkler design layout, the type of sprinkler you are using matters a lot. If you have an older sprinkler system, it might be time for an upgrade before something goes wrong with your best irrigation system and causes thousands of dollars of damage to your property. A new sprinkler system can be installed without much trouble at all. Allen Outdoor Solutions has a well-trained team that will help you install even the most complicated sprinklers.

A new sprinkler system can save you money on your water bill each month, as well as save your lawn and plants from dying due to drought or extreme heat.

Contact Professionals

If you ever have trouble with your sprinkler design layout, it is important to get help from professionals. They will help you maintain your sprinkler and ensure it is running efficiently.

Why Should I Choose Allen Outdoor Solutions?

Irrigating your grass and plants is essential in maintaining the look of your compound. Unfortunately, a lot goes into installing the best irrigation system. That is why Allen Outdoor Solutions is here to help you install, maintain, and ensure your sprinkler system is easy to use.

The company has a team that is well versed in coming up with a suitable sprinkler design layout. The best part is that you can call them to get the best advice on the best irrigation plan for your home.