Lawn Care Maintenance For Fall Leaves

November 09, 2015

Lawn Care Maintenance For Fall Leaves

Fall is here in full force and leaves are everywhere.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming just to look out the window and see all the work that needs to be done in the yard. Raking is no fun, but here are a few tips to make lawn care a  little easier.

1. Use a bigger rake- Stores sell rakes up to around 30 inches wide. Make sure to get a large rake to make sure you cut down the time you are outside raking and performing lawn care on your yard.

2. Use a no-clog rake- Some rakes will pierce the leaves and the prongs will get clogged with all the leaves they have pierced. This means you have to stop every few minutes and pull all the leaves out. It adds to time you are spending raking.

3. Keep mowing- Your lawn may not be growing but you can certainly mow up the leaves if you have a mulching lawn mower. Use the bag and collect the leaves, and then you can just get rid of the leaves or use the leaves as mulch!

4. Let them decompose- You can also use your mulching lawn mower to chop up the leaves and leave them in the yard to decompose and restore nutrients to your lawn. Sometimes it takes a few rounds of the mower to break them up, but it still might be easier and less time then using an actual rake. Using a law mower to help with lawn care is a good idea to cut down on time.

5. Use a tarp- If you are raking your leaves, rake them onto a tarp to help with transport to the curb.

If you need help with lawn care this fall don’t hesitate to call Allen Outdoor Solutions. We can hep with all your Fall lawn care needs!