Spring Lawn Care Services

March 16, 2015

Spring Lawn Care Services

Spring Lawn Care Services

As we begin our spring preparations, lawn care is just one of the many chores added to home maintenance and spring cleaning. For many homeowners in St. Louis, scheduling in time for lawn care is challenging at best with full time jobs and families to care for. To take some of the weight off your shoulders, Allen Outdoor Solutions can help you!


Aerating is equally beneficial in the Fall or Spring, but by aerating in the Spring you get the added benefit of a much faster green-up and recovery from winter dormancy.  Aerating helps break up compaction and allows oxygen, water and nutrients to get down to the root zone.  This will allow the grass to have an easier time of it during the Summer drought months.  If you can compost at or around the same time as the aeration this would greatly enhance the benefits of both.  A double pass with the aeration can be made for just a little extra.


Fertilizing in the spring will improve the health of your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn will give it a stronger root system so that it can combat what summer may bring. A healthy lawn can make it through severe hot spells and drought, as well as mowing, foot traffic and other possible stressors. If you had crabgrass in your lawn last year, you can apply a combination fertilizer that includes a pre-emergent to keep the crabgrass under control.

Allen Outdoor Solutions provides these services and many more! Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your Spring lawn care needs.