Tips for Winter Lawn Maintenance

January 11, 2016

Tips for Winter Lawn Maintenance

Although your lawn needs less attention in winter than it does in other seasons, you can’t just leave it untouched until spring.

Here are some things you should be doing in the winter to ensure your yard looks its best year round.

1. Prune trees and shrubs
Pruning in the winter promotes new growth when spring comes. Be sure to only cut back failing or decaying branches. If you are not 100% confident in your pruning abilities, it might be worthwhile to hire a professional.

2. Keep your yard clean
Remove any furniture, toys, branches, and equipment from your yard. The weight of these objects, along with the cold weather and—potentially—snow, can kill or stunt the growth of your grass. Keeping your yard clean also ensures that your grass gets enough sun and air. Even though grass is dormant in the winter, this is still important.

3. Shovel your walkways
We’ve made this point again and again, but it really is important. Shoveling your walkway is not only good for your hardscaping, it’s also good for your lawn. Clean walkways encourage visitors to walk on the path instead of walking on your grass. This goes along with the last point. Excessive foot traffic can damage your grass in any season, but it is especially damaging in winter.

4. Keep snow off plants
Many plants can be damaged from snow buildup. Carefully brush snow off of the leaves and limbs of your plants. If the plants are coated with ice, leave them alone. Trying to clear the ice can be more damaging than letting it be.

In the winter, it can be tempting to just let your lawn maintenance go. While that may be the easiest thing to do now, it can make things much more difficult for you in the spring. Following these easy steps will ensure that your grass and plants bounce back to their full potential when the weather gets warm again.