Tree Pruning Services

May 04, 2015

Tree Pruning Services

Trimming a tree may seem like a fairly simple task, but don’t break out your shears just yet!

Keep reading to make sure you understand the technique first, or better yet – find a professional to prune your canopy for you!

When you should start pruning

It is best to prune your tree in either the winter or summer. Pruning after the coldest part of the winter has passed is the most common time to prune. Trimming during the tree’s dormancy allows for a very fertile spring. Pruning in the summer (after your tree’s seasonal growth is over) is also an option if you aren’t a fan of the cold. Cutting the tree at this time will slow down the tree’s growth by decreasing the amount of leaf surface on the branch. This is also a great time to get rid of obstructions while catching some rays. Whichever season you chose to prune, never prune in the fall. In the fall, your tree won’t heal at a normal speed and will be susceptible to decaying fungi spreading spores. Those are not optimal pruning conditions.

Reasons for pruning

To make your tree look a certain way
Dead branches
Branches are overgrown
The tree is getting too big for your liking
The tree is obstructing something

Allen Outdoor Solutions is here to help

At Allen Outdoor Solutions we have professionals who know what they are doing. Call us today to have someone come out and take a look at the trees in your yard and to help you come up with a tree pruning plan. Our professionals know what they are doing so they will be safe as they prune your trees and you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself! Call today for more information.