Why You Should Hire a Shrub Care Company

November 12, 2021

Why You Should Hire a Shrub Care Company

Three shrubs in need of a shrub care companyDo you have an overgrown shrub that needs some professional help? Are you looking for a way to improve the look and feel of your landscaping? Do you want shrubs that are well maintained and healthy? If so, you are not alone. 

Many homeowners find themselves in this situation due to a lack of time or desire to tackle such a large project on their own. Fortunately for those homeowners, there is now a solution: Hiring a tree and shrub care company! This blog post will discuss how a shrub care company can benefit your landscaping as well as what a shrub care company can offer in terms of services to ensure that your landscape’s feel and appearance is improved.

A good shrub care company offers landscaping services for shrubs of all sizes and types. They are able to provide tree and shrub maintenance, shrub pruning, shrub fertilization, shrub transplantation, shrub debris removal, shrub cabling, shrub bracing, and many other services specific to your trees and shrubs. By hiring a professional landscaping company that specializes in the various aspects of shrubs, you can improve the look and feel of your landscaping without sacrificing too much time or energy on your part. The services offered by these tree and shrub care company are designed to help even those with little experience maintain their landscaping so they can enjoy it without the worry or hassle of whether their shrubs are healthy or not.

Professional Tree and Shrub Care Services: The Basics

Landscaping services offered by a shrub care company vary according to your needs and the company you choose. If you are looking for shrub maintenance, then these professionals will be able to help with that. Shrub pruning is another service they offer, which involves carefully trimming shrubs, so they retain their original shape while promoting new growth. Shrub fertilization is another popular option because it can promote better shrub health over time. Some shrubs require transplantation after some amount of years, in which case tree and shrub care companies also offer this service. As stated above, shrub debris removal ensures that shrubs are clean and healthy, while shrub cabling helps support weak branches or limbs that cannot much weight on their own. Bracing shrubs to support sagging or leaning shrubs can also be done with the help of tree and shrub care companies and should only be undertaken after consulting with a professional.

A tree and shrub care company will usually offer services designed for various types of shrubs, so it is best to choose one that knows their shrubs and how to improve them. Some tree and shrub care services include:

Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming involves cutting off dead or dying stems from shrubs in order to promote new growth. This service may include thinning out foliage as well if necessary, but this will depend on your needs. In some cases, shrub pruning does not even result in much removal at all because careful shrub trimming can promote new growth and shrub health. This shrub care service is great for those who want to improve the look and feel of their shrubs without adding too much work. It can be done with little effort on your part but still has lasting results.

Shrub Pruning

Shrub pruning professionals know how to make shrubs look aesthetically pleasing while ensuring they retain their shape and health. Shrub pruning entails carefully trimming shrubs so their original design is maintained over time, promoting new growth and stronger stems where necessary. Many shrubs require annual shrub pruning to remain healthy and attractive, so if you have shrubs that may need pruning, you should hire a shrub care company that offers this service.

Shrub Transplantation

Many shrubs require regular shrub transplantation after some number of years to remain healthy and attractive. If your shrubs are not growing as well as they used to, or if you want to improve their shape over time, then shrub transplantation may be something for you to look into. Shrub transplantation requires the careful digging up of shrubs so they can be moved along with their roots and soil, which is usually done by professionals who know what they are doing. Whether this means replanting the shrub in another location or simply re-potting it depends on your needs.

Shrub Debris Removal

Shrub debris removal is important to shrub health because it involves removing dead or decaying shrub limbs and stems in order to keep shrubs clean and healthy. This shrub care service also entails removing shrub leaves that may be blocking sunlight from reaching shrub branches so they can properly photosynthesize. If you have shrubs that are looking unkempt, then shrub debris removal is probably what you need.

Tree Fertilization

Tree fertilization is offered by some companies as well, which involves using special fertilizers on trees in order for them to remain healthy over time. You should consult with a shrub care company on whether this service is right for you and your trees.

Some shrubs may require pruning after some number of years, while others may need transplantation if they are not growing as well as they used to. Other shrubs may benefit from shrub debris removal in order to stay looking fresh and healthy or shrub fertilization to maintain their health. If any or all of these services apply to your shrubs, then it is a good idea to consult with a shrub care company about what these entail and how they can improve the look and feel of your shrubs over time.

When to Hire a Shrub Care Company and When to Do It Yourself

It is important to know when to hire a shrub care company and when to do it yourself. For example, if your shrub has shrub transplantation needs after some number of years, then this normally requires skills most people don’t have; perhaps there are hidden roots in soil that must be dug up carefully without breaking them off, or maybe your shrubs require special soil or fertilizer once transplanted into their new location. Hiring a shrub care company for shrub transplantation is the best option so they can move your shrubs without damage.

Shrubs can also suffer from poor health over time due to lack of shrub debris removal, shrub pruning, or shrub fertilization. In some cases, shrubs can be rejuvenated with a shrub transplant, which requires expertise of a shrub care company that most people do not possess. This is why it is important to hire shrub care professionals if you need any of these services done for your shrubs.

If none of the above applies to you and your shrubs, then you may be able to do the work yourself. For example, shrub pruning doesn’t require as much skill as tree transplantation; most homeowners will be able to shape their shrubs and keep them healthy so long as they know how and when to shrub prune.

The same goes for shrub fertilization and shrub debris removal. While it may be a good idea to consult with a shrub care company, you can usually do the work yourself if you follow some basic guidelines for tree safety. Some types of shrubs require special fertilizer while others simply need sunlight and water, while shrub debris removal only applies to dead or decaying shrubs. In most cases, you can remove shrub debris yourself.

Other Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care Services Offered by a Shrub Care Company

Odds are, a shrub care company is going to take care of all sorts of landscaping elements, not just shrubs. Here are some of the most popular other services you can add on to your tree and shrub care.


Tree and shrub care companies can also offer shrub watering services to ensure that your shrubs get the water they need throughout the year. If you live in a climate with limited sunlight or severe weather, watering may be necessary for shrub survival and health over time.


Some shrubs benefit from mulching to keep their roots healthy and cool over time. This involves using mulch around shrubs in order to give them nutrients while preventing too much moisture loss at once. It is important to use mulch correctly when it comes to shrub planting so that your shrubs stay healthy for years down the line without being damaged by poor landscaping techniques.

Shrub Planting Services

Sometimes people are not sure what shrubs they should plant where. In these cases, shrub planting services can be implemented to ensure that shrubs are planted in the best places for their health and environmental needs. Shrub planting is a great way to maintain shrubs long-term without having to do any shrub transplantation work on your own, so long as you hire a tree and shrub care company with experience in shrub planting techniques.


If shrubs are decimated by shrub pests or plant disease, shrub seeding might be needed to ensure that shrubs regrow properly and don’t die out. Shrub seeding involves using the proper chemicals over a large shrub area to stop any shrub toxins from killing off shrubs before they have a chance to grow back.


A shrub care company can be the best choice for maintaining the rest of your landscaping. That includes mowing the lawn. It’s actually a more precise science than you might think, with the ideal length of your grass depending on its variety. A professional shrub care company is often also an expert at tasks like this.

Tree and Shrub Care

In some cases, if your shrubs are already well kept, then all you might need is regular shrub care services from a shrub care company. This service is most important when it comes to trees, as they may suffer damage at any given moment with storms or climate change. Tree and shrub care companies can maintain the state of your shrubs in any case when it comes to three and shrub health and growth.

Shrub Pest Control

In some cases, shrubs can become infested by pests that require immediate removal or treatment for your shrubs to stay alive. Shrub pest control is important when it comes to shrub health, as many shrub insects can be deadly if they spread over a large shrub area in a short amount of time. Hiring a shrub care company with experience in shrub pest removal is the best way to stop these from spreading before they have a chance to do too much damage.

Tree Removal Services

If you have trees that need proper tree removal services, then hiring a reputable tree service provider is the only way to ensure that shrubs are left in good health without too many problems. Tree removal services should be handled by tree shrub care providers, as they have access to the best tools and techniques for shrub transplantation over time.

Weed Prevention and Removal Services

Some weeds may attack shrubs if they are not well maintained, in which case shrub care services might need to include ways to get rid of weeds. This is usually handled by shrub service providers who are well equipped to deal with weeds in your landscaping.

Decide on your shrub care company today.

In conclusion, trees and shrubs can be kept alive, attractive, and healthy by tree and shrub care companies that are well versed in the proper shrub maintenance techniques over time. Shrub care should revolve around mulching, shrub seeding, shrub transplantation, shrub trimming, shrub weeding, and shrub pest control in order to ensure optimal shrub health and safety for both shrubs and people. It is important to make sure you hire a reputable company with lots of experience in the field of trees and shrubs if you need any type of shrubs cared for down the line.

In need of professional tree and shrub care services? Feel free to contact us. We offer a wide range of shrub care, tree services, and shrub removal services, as well as other landscaping needs. We are equipped to make sure your shrubs stay alive and healthy. In addition, we offer a shrub care guarantee as well as shrub planting services. Call us for a quote today! We are dedicated to ensuring that your landscaping is well taken care of to create an attractive scene around you.