Walkway Design and Installation for Your Home or Business

There are many reasons to install a walkway on your property. Whether serving as a garden path, a front yard walkway, or a backyard walkway, these paths provide easy access to your side, front, backdoor, patio, or through a garden. When making a decision about which type of walkway, there are many different designs to choose from.

Paver walkways

Paver walkways use manufactured paver stones that resemble bricks or stones. Pavers come in many different styles and colors, so they are easily customizable. The upfront installation costs can be more expensive than some other kinds of walkways, but maintenance is relatively simple, as individual pavers can be easily replaced.

Natural stone walkways

Natural stone walkways fit easily into a natural landscape, particularly if natural stone such as limestone, slate or flagstone is also used in the surrounding house or landscaping. This makes them a great choice for garden walkways. It’s best to match the stone used in the walkway with the stone used around it.

The trade-off for the polished look of natural stone is that it’s more expensive due to being quarried. Installation is also more expensive with natural stone, because each stone must be individually leveled during the process.

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Whatever walkway you choose, Allen Outdoor Solutions can help

Allen Outdoor Solutions is ready to assist with any questions about installing outdoor walkways. Whatever style you choose, whether your walkway is in the front yard, backyard, or a garden path, our professionals have the experience necessary to install it to the highest standards.

We are here to answer any questions you have about which walkway design best suits your needs, as well as inquiries about installations. Give us a call today to start a consultation, and put our award-winning customer service to work for you.