Why a lawn aeration service might be right
for you

Aeration is one of the best ways to revitalize your lawn and make it lush and healthy. By poking holes in the top layer of your lawn, aeration allows the roots of the grass easy access to air, water, and other nutrients. This allows the roots to grow deeper, and your lawn to get stronger and healthier.

Yard aeration solves the problem of soil compaction, where the soil is too thick and solid for vital substances like air, water, and fertilizer to get through to the roots. Without aeration, the roots can starve, and the lawn can wither and die.

It’s recommended that aeration be a regular part of your lawn maintenance, rather than wait for problems to arise. Your lawn is subject to considerable traffic and soils like in the St. Louis area with a high clay content are more likely to become compacted. Compacted soil does not drain well and doesn’t provide soil air space for good root development.

With our lawn aeration service, Allen Outdoor Solutions will make your yard healthy and lush, and keep it looking good season after season with regular maintenance.

You should consider aeration if your lawn has the following qualities:

  • It gets exceptionally heavy use, such as children and pets running through it regularly.
  • You see thin or bare patches in the grass.
  • Water puddles form in your yard after it rains.

What will a lawn aeration service do?

Aeration services usually consist of the following steps:

  1. Your lawn care professional will assess the lawn to determine which method of aeration is correct for it.
  2. For more severe cases, core aeration is used, where a machine mechanically removes cores of soil and thatch from the lawn to allow easy access to the roots.
  3. In 1-2 weeks, the cores of soil break down and dissolve, feeding nutrients to the roots.
  4. Your lawn recovers in health, and you may see new white roots growing in the aerated holes.

If you think aeration may be right for your lawn, please call Allen Outdoor Solutions today.