Residential and Commercial Lawn Fertilization Services

Keep your lawn looking lush and health season after season by giving it the nutrients it needs

Properly fertilizing a lawn builds a healthy, beautiful yard. The right amount of yard fertilizer not only keeps the grass shining and lush, but also keeps grass healthy as a preventative against other things that may threaten your lawn.

While periodic fertilization helps your lawn fight off turf disease, and the steady influx of nutrients ensures that it keeps growing healthy, improper fertilization can harm your yard, resulting in excessive thatch, or even dead grass. That’s why hiring the right lawn fertilizer company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your lawn.

The amount of fertilizer and the timing of the application depends on the type of grass and the desired level of maintenance you wish to achieve. There can be a lot to think about when it comes to taking care of your lawn, but it’s our specialty. Let us take the difficulty out of lawn care for you.

Allen Outdoor Solutions’ team of turf management experts will take into account how all aspects of lawn care work together. With our comprehensive plan of continuous lawn maintenance, we are mindful of everything that’s needed for great lawn care.

In doing so, we’re able to avoid using too much fertilizer, which can kill grass and contaminate groundwater and also build up excessive thatch, which deprives grassroots of essential nutrients.

That’s why our licensed technicians apply fertilizer and water at the proper rate, and perform other yard maintenance ourselves, to ensure your lawn stays as healthy as possible. With our experts’ years of service, we’re able to make a plan that’s right for your yard, and guaranteed to give you healthy grass.

Our comprehensive lawn care plan is just one of the many reasons our past lawn care clients have such good things to say about us. If your lawn needs lawn fertilizer service or other maintenance, give us a call and we can work to create a plan for you. All lawns need to be properly fertilized—let us help you with yours.