The sod installation service that’s right for your home or business

Sod installation is the perfect way to revitalize your property and have it looking fresh and lush again. Whether your lawn is sparse and weedy, or totally barren, if you’re looking for sod installation service in St. Louis, our turf management experts have you covered.

Sodding a lawn involves installing pieces of grass and soil with intact roots cut from the existing lawn. Unlike growing a lawn from seeds, which can take months to grow fully, sod can be laid down quickly, giving you an almost instant lawn.

At Allen Outdoor Solutions, our team of lawn service experts has years of caring for lawns. We’ll develop a comprehensive plan that’s right for your yard before we install the sod, and our regular maintenance afterward ensures that your new lawn will stay healthy for years to come.

We’re consistently rated the best lawn service in St. Louis, so you can be assured your lawn is in good hands. From design to installation and continued maintenance, our turf management experts will make sure your lawn stays healthy for many years.

At Allen Outdoor Solutions, though, we know that’s just the beginning. We’ll continue to treat the lawn sod as it takes root, watering, and mowing to make sure it stays healthy, thick, and weed free.

All the services we offer as part of our continuous maintenance will keep your lawn lush and healthy, so you won’t have to install lawn sod again in several years.

Best of all, we strive for complete customer satisfaction, so you can be confident we’ll do it right the first time—or we’ll fix it. It’s all part of our award-winning customer service. If you’re looking for a sod installation company in St. Louis, Allen Outdoor Solutions stands ready to help. Contact us to discuss an evaluation.