Weed Removal Service for Your Home or Business

Generally defined, a weed is any plant that grows where it isn’t wanted. Weeds are among the yard problems most frustrating to homeowners. After the hours spent making your lawn look beautiful, watching it disappear in a snarl of crabgrass, dandelions, or clover can make you feel hopeless, especially if your constant applications of weed killer aren’t helping.

At Allen Outdoor Solutions, our specialty is making lawn service look easy and making your lawn look beautiful. We provide weed killing service as part of our regular maintenance.

The use of weed killers can cut the time spent hand-pulling weeds. A program that consists of pre-emergents used every 6-8 weeks will significantly reduce invasive weed seeds in your lawn. Timing is important for consistency and prevent them from returning in large numbers. Preventing weeds from taking root in the first place will drastically lower the abundance of them in your yard. If you have problems with specific weeds, we’ll customize a special lawn service plan with weed control for your home or business.

Our experts know lawn maintenance, and they know how to kill weeds. Whether your lawn suffers from broadleaf weeds like dandelions, grassy weeds like crabgrass, or grass-like weeds like nutsedge, we use our knowledge and professional products to have your lawn looking pristine again.

One of the most challenging aspects of weed control is how to keep weeds from returning. When weeds are pulled by hand, the roots often break off, and whatever is left in the ground eventually forms new weeds.

In addition to using weed killer, Allen Outdoor Solutions also recommends regular lawn maintenance. When your lawn is properly cut, fed, and watered, it looks beautiful, but more importantly, it’s harder for weeds to sprout and take hold. With an Allen Outdoor Solutions care package, your lawn is kept healthy so it can fight off weeds.

Whether your lawn has a few weeds, is completely overgrown, or seems to have a surge of weeds in the spring, we have the answer. With our regular weed removal service, your yard will look healthy, while also being totally safe for your family and pets.

If you have problems with specific or persistent weeds, our team will design a customized lawn care plan just for you. With some of the best warranties in the business, you can be confident in our workmanship—it’s all part of why our clients consistently leave stellar reviews.

If you need help with weed removal in your yard, please give us a call today. We’ll help you get the yard you want.