Custom Yard Drainage Solutions for Your Home or Business

Prevent yard pooling and basement leaks by directing water away from your home

Drainage should be a top priority for any property owner when caring for your lawn. Without a drainage solution in place, your grass could suffer or die, your basement could leak, and a host of other problems could occur.

Allen Outdoor Solutions takes drainage into consideration with every landscaping and sprinkler installation and can fix any existing drainage problems you might have right now. We offer some of the best warranties and maintenance plans in the business, you can rest easy knowing your drainage system will continue working year after year.

Here are some of the problems our custom drainage solutions can solve:

  • Excess water in your lawn, plants
    When water has no drainage system to flow into, it will collect on your lawn, athletic field, or garden. Excess water can kill plants and your lawn. We will analyze your home or business’ landscaping system and determine the best solution for you, whether that’s grading your lawn, installing a French drain or dry well, or lengthening your downspout. Our team of landscaping experts will develop the most cost-effective solution to prevent excess water.
  • Wet basements
    Leaks can occur for a lot of reasons. Water can collect around your foundation and flood into your basement. Proper grading and drainage can prevent serious foundation problems and stop your basement from getting wet after storms by directing excess water away from your building.

Trust in Allen Outdoor Solutions to solve your drainage problems with a cost-effective solution that will last. Whether you need a French drain, dry well, or simply a downspout directing water away from your home, Allen Outdoor Solutions will identify and install the best drainage system for your particular needs.

With more than 100 A+ reviews on Angie’s List and the BBB, stellar client reviews, and some of the best workmanship warranties in the business—you can expect the best work and continued customer support in the business. We will install your drainage system correctly from the beginning and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation today to discuss how the landscaping experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions can make your life easier through a customized drainage system.