Sprinkler System Backflow Testing

Keep your drinkable water safe and your sprinkler system running smoothly with annual backflow testing by a licensed technician

Sprinkler systems are designed to keep used water, which may contain contaminants like pesticides and fertilizer, out of your drinking water through the use of a backflow preventer. To ensure your backflow preventer’s effectiveness, you are required to have it tested by a licensed technician every year.

At Allen Outdoor Solutions, we offer licensed backflow testing as part of our affordable sprinkler maintenance plans, because we know how important it is to protect St. Louis families from unsafe drinking water.

Frequently asked questions about backflow and backflow testing:

What is backflow?

Potable water—water that’s safe for drinking—must be kept separate from water contaminated by fertilizers, bacteria, and pesticides. Backflow refers to the unfavorable flow of unpotable water back into your potable water supply, as when water from your sprinkler system flows into your main house water system. This can contaminate your drinking water, as well as your neighbors’ water.

How do backflow preventers work?

Backflow preventers are special valves that block unpotable water from flowing into your drinking water supply and contaminating it. Contamination occurs when there is a significant drop in water pressure, like when a water main breaks, a fire hydrant is in use, or even running water in your home. When the water pressure drops, backflow preventer valves prevent unsafe water from getting into your potable water.

Why is backflow testing important?

An annual test of your backflow device is a requirement of both the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the St. Louis County Ordinance. If you fail to have a licensed technician test your backflow device, it will be removed by a licensed plumber and the water line capped off. Over time, without annual testing and maintenance, your backflow preventer valves can break or become less effective at protecting your drinking water supply.

Annual backflow testing is crucial to the safety of your water and the life of your sprinkler system. Allen Outdoor Solutions provides affordable backflow testing by a licensed technician and sprinkler maintenance plans to ensure your irrigation system keeps working year after year.

Protect your investment—and your family—and schedule a free consultation or sign up for a maintenance plan today!