Outdoor entertaining guide: Refreshing appetizers, invigorating cocktail recipes ideas and patio design inspiration

Are you looking to round up the neighbors and throw the block party of the year? Or perhaps you’d like to throw a fall bonfire. Is your daughter dreaming of an Alice and Wonderland-themed tea party and you need some garden party ideas? Luckily, outdoor entertaining doesn’t take much—just some good friends, good food and ambient lighting.

To get started, though, give our ”Guide to backyard party ideas” a read. In our guide, we’ll give you all the outdoor party tips you need to make sure your next get-together has your guests talking for weeks to come.

In our guide, you’ll learn:

  • 7 garden party appetizer ideas that are to die for
    In the heat of summer, your guests will want to nosh on simple and refreshing food to keep the heat at bay. These light, summery treats—think fruits, veggies, salads, finger sandwiches and more—will keep your guests coming back for seconds. And thirds.

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  • Forego the humdrum lemonade- and watermelon-based cocktails.
    Try these 5 invigorating summer-themed libations. 
Lemonade and watermelon have been done—dare to try something new. We offer 5 new libations that not only refresh, but inspire. Pear and prosecco. A trendy twist on gin and juice. Or, set up your outdoor bar cart so your guests can play mixologist for the night.Download our guide for drink recipes that will impress.
  • Ambient lighting tips for your next backyard party
    The party doesn’t have to end when the sun sets. Or, at least, it shouldn’t. As outdoor lighting experts, we have plenty of lighting solutions—from candles to outdoor chandeliers to LED lighting.Download our guide for tips to keep your backyard party going long past dusk.
  • Outdoor entertaining theme inspiration. And tips for staying within budget.
    You don’t have to spend a lot to throw an impressive backyard party. Brown paper bags can be re-purposed as placemats. Looking to throw a garden-themed party? Clip some roses from your garden and float them in a glass bowl—now you have a centerpiece. Or, if you’re looking to throw a luau, we have some cost-effective decoration solutions for that, as well.Download our guide to discover ways to throw the block party of the century without going over budget.
  • Patio design ideas. 11 of them.
    Whether you’re looking to install an outdoor dining area or an outdoor bar, we have ideas for how to transform your backyard into the perfect backdrop for your next outdoor party.Download our guide for 11 tips on how to transform your outdoor living space.

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