Garden Pathways & Walkways

August 08, 2016

Garden Pathways & Walkways


With a new school year just around the corner, you may be looking to spruce up your landscape with fresh plants and decorations.

Adding walkways or pathways are an easy way to add color and visual interest to a yard.

Floral Walkways

If your home sits farther away from the sidewalk or your driveway, you may be able to build a walkway. Depending on your landscape style, you could have a wide variety of material options to choose from.

One simple way to add visual interest to your yard is to build a short fence on each side of the walkway. The fence posts can act as support beams for vines, bushes, wisteria or other climbing plants, and give a rustic or country feel to a landscape.

Large flowers can also counterbalance modern material such as a wooden board walk or fully paved path; not to mention, add pops of color to green foliage.

Paved Pathways

If your landscape features more hills and valleys, you might want to consider a paved pathway instead of a fully built walkway. The many different materials used to build pathways can meet nearly any landscaping need, and the multitude of color options can compliment your current landscape.

Natural stones, such as bluestone and granite, offer unique color combinations and diverse, eye-catching textures that will enhance your yard’s natural beauty. Interspersing gravel and pebbles between stepping stones is also an easy way to offset uneven terrain.

Geometric Paths

If you don’t want to change the layout of your landscape but want to add a walkway or stepping stones, you should consider creating a geometric pathway around your plants. Uneven stones or unique freeform slabs can vary in shape and size to make a pathway through your plants.

Or, if you don’t want to place solid stones or bricks in your yard, small gravel or mulch offset by boxwood hedges can create a calm and relaxed feeling without disrupting the natural terrain.


Adding a few archways along a path can help create an appealing, vertical landscape that compliments your grounded plants. Climbing vines and roses can latch onto an archway and accent your path while providing color and texture to your skyline.

Pathways and walkways can significantly enhance your landscape’s natural beauty, and they are fairly easy to design and create.

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