Helpful Tips for Hardscaping

September 15, 2014

Helpful Tips for Hardscaping

Here are some hardscaping tips for you to remember when you are thinking about hardscaping for your property.

  • Remember Mother Nature:  While it’s easy to get caught up in the design of hardscaping, it’s critical that you incorporate nature’s unpredictable elements when determining the layout and function of your yard.

    • Sun: Notice the orientation of the sun in your yard. This will help you determine seating direction and the placement of hardscaping objects.

    • Rain: Hard flooring prevents the ground from soaking up water, so it hangs out on surface areas and picks up pollutants along the way. Include permeable hardscape that allows water to seep down to the ground.  If you have a patio, incorporate a slight slope so your patio doesn’t become a pond when it rains.  If your area experiences frequent rain, you might need to install a drainage system, complete with underground pipes and aboveground drains with protective grating.

    • Plants: Designate space for plants or a corner of the patio for floral accents and know whether they need to be facing light or watered frequently to survive.

  • Safety First:  Make sure to prepare the site with the proper base material or you could risk having an unstable retaining wall, a patio settle or materials crack or break up after a few years.  You can talk to an inspector at your local building authority or contact the American Landscape and Nursery Association for assistance.

  • Think Long-Term:  Consider the entire area before you design an element, even if you’re tackling hardscaping one area at a time.  This allows you to avoid later disappointment should you build a patio and discover later that it prohibits you from installing a pond or barbeque. If you plan on having a large barbecue, determine how much countertop and eating space you need as well. Buy more material than you need – it’s easier to add the extras as stepping-stones or design accents than it is to be short material for your dominant project.

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