5 Reasons to Add a Retaining Wall to Your Landscaping

February 17, 2016

5 Reasons to Add a Retaining Wall to Your Landscaping

A retaining wall is a wall that retains soil or water behind it. In landscaping, it can be a protective structure, a decorative feature, or both.

While you could add a retaining wall to a flat yard, its main purpose is to stabilize excessively sloped landscapes and provide flat surfaces. There are many functional and ornamental benefits to adding a retaining wall to your landscaping, and here are just a few.

1. Controls Erosion
A yard with a steep slope is most likely suffering from water-caused soil erosion. This is when, during a storm, water rushes down the slope of your yard and brings top soil with it. A retaining wall levels the ground at elevated intervals meaning the water does not flow as fast or displace as much soil.

2. Prevents Flooding
A retaining wall ensures that less water flows down to the lowest part of your yard. This means the soil is not getting more water than it can absorb, which helps prevent flooding. It also helps protect your foundation and basement from water damage and flooding because the retaining wall creates a barrier between the flooded area and your home.

3. Enhances Landscaping
When a yard is extremely sloped, it can make landscaping difficult. Adding a retaining wall creates flat areas in your yard which allow for adding plants. Not only that, since retaining walls are custom made, your yard will have a completely unique look that will make it stand out.

4. Low Maintenance
Retaining walls are extremely low maintenance. Once they are built, they can generally be left alone (although they may need to be cleaned every once in awhile, but you can use a pressure washer to do that). They are durable as well, so you don’t need to worry about repairs after harsh weather conditions.

5. Add Value
Because of their unique look and their functionality, adding a retaining wall to your landscaping adds value to your home. They create versatility in a sloped yard that would otherwise have few options in regards to landscaping.

Whether your retaining wall needs are decorative or structural, at Allen Outdoor we can design and install a retaining wall to fit your needs and personal tastes.