Safety With Outdoor Lighting

December 29, 2014

Safety With Outdoor Lighting

Security Lighting

Just like choosing the right lights for the appropriate room in your house, it is important to use the correct lights for their purpose outside the home. Spotlights and flood lights which, when securely fitted, provide a safe way to add that extra element of security to your property. These lights will be fitted at an elevated height, so it is imperative that you use a sturdy, purpose-built extendable ladder when fitting these lights. It is also important that you know exactly how to install this kind of lighting; if you don’t, it pays to employ an expert to do it right.

Hidden Pleasures

You don’t want to risk tripping over bulky lighting features, nor do you want your children bumping into anything as they play in the garden, so what’s the solution? Recessed lighting of course! These slick, stylish lights can be inserted into decking and paving to add subtle illumination at night, yet are guaranteed not to get in the way, leaving you and your family to enjoy carefree activities in the garden. Wall lights are another excellent option which can be installed safely away from inquisitive hands. There are many different styles available, from classical lanterns, to the ultra-modern chrome down light.

Do not be tempted to scrimp by using indoor lighting for your outdoor lighting solutions, as this can be very dangerous. Use only lighting and equipment that has been verified for use outdoors, as indoor lights will not meet the same standards and are not weather-proof. Outdoor lights will also have the correct bulb wattage and insulation to minimize the risk of fire: yet another reason to be sensible and use the correct type of lighting.

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