Snow Removal Services

December 15, 2014

Snow Removal Services

Its important to be communicate with your snow removal contractor before the winter season about locations of snow piles.

Its best to pick locations that will not obstruct your business. Most properties have some grass area or low priority areas that can be used for snow piling. If your snow is being relocated off site then these may be just temporary piling spots until the snow is relocated.

Its important to communicate to your snow removal contractor not to push these banks too far back off the lot and cause stress and damage to fences. Many contractors want to do a great job and get the banks pushed way back which is great for keeping parking spots clear but leave you with some springtime surprises which require money to repair. Snow piled against fences, especially chain link may look fine during the winter but become damaged once the snow piles melt in the spring and slowly pull the fence down out of shape causing damage.

It’s much harder to plow a great deal of snow than just a small accumulation.

This seems obvious, but on blizzard days, remember that each job takes longer and is more complex to do well, and factor that into your planning. This will lead to less frustration on everyone’s part.

Don’t forget to get out and enjoy that white stuff too! It’s beautiful, and it’s great for snowing, sledding, ice skating! For a free estimate on your snow removal and ice control needs contact Allen Outdoor Solutions Inc at 314-647-4800