Summer Outdoor Lighting

July 20, 2015

Summer Outdoor Lighting

Allen Outdoor Solutions can help with your outdoor lighting needs.

We have the ability to help light your yard for parties with friends this Summer. Outdoor lighting is a key component to extend the beautiful summer days into the warm summer nights, even if the sun says out late. Here are some tips to get your outdoor space up to par for nighttime entertaining. Always make sure to light the more dangerous areas of your yard. Your guests will appreciate it.

Always light pools or any water feature for safety purposes.

Trails or walkways can be lit with small path type lights that are placed close enough together so that the lights make a trail. Interesting focal points such as fountains, statues or particularly beautiful foliage should also see some light.

Solar lighting is generally more expensive initially, but is a one-time cost as it requires no electricity to fully function.

Solar lights turn on and off with the sun, so you never have to worry about leaving them on all night but there is also an option to turn them off manually if they interfere with indoor lighting choices. There are no complicated electrical configurations to deal with and no risk for electrical dangers such as fire or electrocution.

Call Allen Outdoor Solutions today to help with your outdoor lighting needs! Outdoor lighting can keep you safe and keep your gatherings going long into the Summer night!