Why Landscaping Is Important When You Are Selling Your Home

September 08, 2015

Why Landscaping Is Important When You Are Selling Your Home

Home sellers beware: home buyers usually tour neighborhoods before expressing interest in seeing a home.

This means if your yard is not up to basic standards, or neighborhood standards, you home could be looked over in an instant. Here are some tips on how to get your home looking as great on the outside as it does on the inside.

Power Wash and Clean- Remove all cobwebs and debris from the sides of the home to ensure your home looks fresh and well-maintained.

Wait Until the TIme is Right-  If you are interested in selling your home in fall, don’t spend a ton of money landscaping in the spring.  Try to finish your landscaping right before the listing goes live to ensure it looks its best when it hits the market!

Check Your Trees- Trim them back or cut them down completely. Buyers do not want to have worry about the possibility of a tree falling into the home!

Keep it simple. Don’t intimidate potential buyers with an over-abundance of plants they will have to maintain or by planting tons of exotic flowers they do not know about.

Ranging simple to complex, the Allen Outdoor Solutions Landscape Design Team is well-equipped to meet your needs.

Throughout the design process, we use our knowledge of the St. Louis climate and plant material, along with customer input, to create personalized, custom plans. Our main landscape designer is PLANET Landscape Industry Certified and has experience creating landscape concepts from various regions throughout the country. Before a contract is signed for one of our jobs, we provide detailed drawings of the vision for the final product.

Our landscaping services can really help improve the outdoor decor of your property. From retaining walls to new flower beds, we do it all.