Getting Your Lawn Ready For Fall

August 31, 2015

Getting Your Lawn Ready For Fall

Make sure to cut it explains that as long as your grass is still growing, you should take the time to cut it. Before the winter arrives, you should always keep your grass at a length of about 2 1/2 inches. To minimize potential problems, the news source recommended that you lower the blades on your mower to about 2 inches to minimize potential problems and ensure that you’re keeping your lawn short enough.

Take care of ponds and fountains

If you have ponds or fountains in your yard, then you should do your best to clean them out in early fall. For example, remove any abundant leaves that could decay and cause spikes in ammonia levels that may be harmful to fish.

Apply A Fertilizer That Includes A Weed Prevention Product

Use a fertilizer with the right mix of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. The amount of each will vary depending on where you live and the soil type. Your local garden center can advise you on the best mix of these chemicals for you lawn. If you really want to get the right mix, you can have your soil tested for its pH content. You can prevent most weeds in the spring by using a fertilizer with a weed prevention product included.

Eliminate Weeds In The Lawn

This is an important step to prevent weeds from sprouting in the Spring. Weeds can quickly destroy your lawn if you don’t take action. Too often homeowners spend all their time getting rid of the weeds but your focus should be on prevention. If you want to eliminate weeds you have to grow and nurture a healthy lawn. Weeds are a sign that your lawn in unhealthy. A lush lawn with thick deep roots won’t allow weeds to flourish. It’s important to understand why and how weeds develop. Once you get rid of your weeds you then have to turn your attention to strengthening your lawn as you would focus on improving your immune system after suffering from an illness. Strengthen you lawn in order for it develop an immunity to weeds.