6 Essential Summer Lawn and Garden Care Tips You Shouldn’t Skip

June 18, 2019

6 Essential Summer Lawn and Garden Care Tips You Shouldn’t Skip

There’s no doubt about it: St. Louis summers are hot and humid. Though many of our local plants are used to this intense weather, you may not be! While you’ve likely got the basics of summer lawn care, like watering and cutting your grass regularly, there might be some other lawn care techniques you’re skipping over.

Here’s the advice from our landscaping technicians and master gardeners to make your lawn and garden look its best this summer.

1. Sharpen your mower blades.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Sharpen those blades! When you mow your lawn with dull blades, this tears the end of the grass, weakening it over time. This can affect the grass’s ability to resist heat, drought, and disease.

Not sure how to sharpen your blades? Don’t have time to keep them in tip-top shape? Our lawn mowing professionals can take over this pesky chore for you; let us mow your lawn while you relax inside!

2. Weed often.

Don’t wait until your lawn is overrun with weeds. Try to weed your lawn at least a few times a week, if not daily. When you’re checking for weeds every single day, that gives you a chance to check newly formed weeds before they grow bigger. Taking out weeds when they’re small and new puts less stress on your lawn, plus you might be able to catch the weeds before they produce more seeds!

3. Water at the right time.

Sure, you’re watering your grass—at least an inch of water per week is recommended with 6 inches of moisture in the soil. But did you know the time of day that you water your grass is important too? When you water early in the day, the grass can soak up as much water as it needs throughout the day. This reduces fungal growth and your grass will lose less water to evaporation.

Don’t have time to water your lawn in the morning? Try out the Allen Outdoor Solutions sprinkler system! With our professionally installed sprinklers, you can schedule your watering for the perfect time of day.

4. Vary your mowing patterns.

That beautifully manicured grass in Busch Stadium’s outfield isn’t just like that to look nice (though it certainly does). There’s also a method to the mowing madness that you can implement in your own yard, no matter how small. Lawnmowers are heavy and can wear on your turf; try to avoid over-stressing your lawn by switching up your mowing patterns. Going side to side, up and down, and then diagonally can reduce stress and wear on the grass. (And who knows, you might find a more efficient way to cut the lawn while you’re at it!)

5. Mulch your garden, if you haven’t already.

If you haven’t already, spread a layer of mulch over your garden soil. A layer about two inches deep can protect the soil from the sun, which keeps it cooler. This prevents water evaporation and can make your plants’ roots much happier.

Not sure what kind of mulch to use? Talk to our landscaping experts who can tell you which options are best for your garden.

6. Throw some shade.

When it’s this hot out, even sun-loving plants might need a little breather. If a part of your garden or lawn is exposed to strong sunlight for most of the day, try to find a way to add some shade to give it a bit of a rest. As the sun moves, it’ll still get all the exposure it needs without becoming stressed. An additional tree, some well-contained bamboo, or even a patio umbrella can be all your garden needs to thrive in the St. Louis summers.

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