6 Reasons to Add a Water Feature to You Landscaping

April 06, 2016

6 Reasons to Add a Water Feature to You Landscaping

Now that it’s spring, you’re probably thinking a lot more about your landscaping.

Maybe you’ll put some brightly colored potted plants on your patio or some hanging plants by your front door. Or, maybe you’re looking around your garden and thinking, “Something’s missing.” If you really want to ramp up your landscaping think about adding a water feature to your yard.

1. Add unique character
Even if every person in the world had a water feature in their yard, yours would still be unique. There are so many styles and materials to choose from. The size and shape depend on the size of your yard, as well as how much space you want the water feature to take up.

2. Make your yard look bigger
Water is essentially nature’s mirror. Your landscaping will reflect off the water’s surface, making your yard appear bigger. This is especially effective if you use dark building materials and if you utilize underwater lights.

3. Cool down your garden
Summers in St. Louis are extremely hot and humid. A water feature can help keep your garden cool so you can enjoy your yard all spring and summer long, not just on those occasional days of bearable weather.

4. Add serenity to your life
Many people find that the sound of water creates a sense of serenity. However, not everyone is lucky enough to live by water. Adding a water feature to your landscaping can bring that serenity right to your backyard. As an added bonus, the tranquil trickling of water can help drown out the sound of noisy neighbors.

5. Compliment your landscaping
Water features are a great way to enhance your existing landscaping. If your garden is more minimalist, then a water feature inspired by Asian design will look great. A more classical landscape design looks great with rounded ponds and water fountains.

6. Attract wildlife (the cute, non-intimidating kind)
The flowing water of a water feature can attract birds, rabbits, and even the occasional deer. A friend of mine once had pelicans land in her backyard pond. While they did cause quite the commotion, it was still amazing to see.

If the prospect of having pelicans in your backyard isn’t enough to convince you to add a water feature, maybe the other five reasons we’ve provided will do the trick.

At Allen Outdoor Solutions, we can design, install, and maintain your water feature and make your dream garden come to life. Give us a call today!