Control Weeds With Landscaping Stones

January 19, 2015

Control Weeds With Landscaping Stones

Not every yard is perfectly green. Some people do not have time to work on their yard as often as they might need to. Landscaping with rocks to help with your weed problem can be very helpful. Allen Outdoor Solutions can put together a landscaping plan that will help control your weed problem and be low maintenance for you to take care of.

Installing a rock garden in your yard adds interest to your landscaping plan while requiring little water. If this feature is set up correctly, few weeds can penetrate the landscaping cloth, gravel and rocks.

  • Boulders or large rocks: Scale the size of boulders or rocks according to the size of your project. Choose at least three boulders or larger rocks of similar type for drawing the eye and establishing a basis for placing smaller rocks, gravel and plants. Have landscaping stones professionally delivered and installed as they tend to be much heavier than their appearance suggests.
  • Medium to small rocks for adding textural interest: Select smaller rocks similar in type to your large boulders or rocks. Be careful not to mix too many textures and colors of rocks; your goal is creating a theme that flows throughout your rock garden. Landscape stones and rocks are available from gardening centers and rock retailers.
  • Gravel and mulch: Open space between larger rocks and plants can be covered with decorative gravel such as pea gravel (named for its size) or decomposed granite. When landscaping a large rock garden, you can use gravel or mulch for pathways to and within your rock garden.

Just because your rock garden can boast a lack of weeds, doesn’t mean it must be vegetation-free. You can add plants that are perfectly suited to Missouri weather and create an easy-maintenance, environmentally friendly yard.

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