Landscaping Introduction

April 20, 2014

Landscaping Introduction

Landscape designs have many forms, styles and unique patterns.

Landscape designing has been around for thousands of years dating back to Roman aqueducts and Mayan terraced gardens.

So what do we learn from this? Landscapes are a lifestyle and not just soil and plants put together in a yard. Creating a proper landscape should have purpose, personality and character which would reflect one’s ideas of beauty and comfort. Each landscape is unique and will provide you with the lifestyle that you’re trying to achieve, whether it be for entertaining , relaxing with the family or a personal place to enjoy the outdoors.

Many different designs and styles can achieve these characteristics, So remember, landscaping just doesn’t apply to plants in the yard, it’s a way of living.

Here at Allen Outdoor Solutions our design team will provide you with the knowledge to make your landscape dreams come true.

Allen Outdoor Solutions is a full service company providing and excelling in customer service as we employ young and innovative professionals.

We’ve been in business over twenty years and as we move forward we’ll continue to educate our employees on new and up and coming technologies in the field of landscape, so that our customers can feel at ease that all their landscape needs are being met at the highest level. Our staff of managers and team leaders understands that knowledge in their field of expertise is vital to their success providing our clients with a truly beautiful landscape.

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Our professional team leaders are talented and take pride in many aspects of landscaping and hardscaping, to bring a functional and cohesive result to our customer’s projects.

We are certified segmental wall builders, meaning from the smallest garden wall to the largest commercial retaining wall system, we have the knowledge and the power to achieve these goals. Hardscapes vary from boulders and paver patios to outdoor living spaces such as kitchens, fireplaces, waterfalls and water features. To soften the edges of our hardscapes we provide premium landscape designs to put forth the highest quality of workmanship.

Allen Outdoor Solutions main objective is to bring the highest quality of workmanship to our clients to help them change one’s yard into an inviting, comfortable and relaxing outdoor living space. A place to sit with family and friends, to forget about the everyday stresses of life and in return changes your lifestyle.

To enhance the quality of life starts in the home, so remember, it’s not just a yard it’s a lifestyle.