Landscaping Tips - Fall Weather & Fall Planting

October 03, 2012

Landscaping Tips – Fall Weather & Fall Planting

The summer was particularly harsh but we are finally starting to see some relief. The change in weather and the upcoming rains are going to help a lot of the plant material to bounce back. Unfortunately, there are some plants that have been hit pretty hard by the drought; these include a good portion of the Yews, Arborvitaes, Spruce, and Dogwoods. A lot of the decline is due to the fact that the St. Louis Area has switched from being a transition zone between zone’s 5 & 6 to zone 6a. This means that we are going to start having better weather patterns, more like the northern part of some of the southern states. Along with the change in weather means a change in plant material. The St. Louis area has also undergone a change in the planting season for landscape plants; fall is now the better time of year to plant. The reason for this is it allows the plant to achieve growth before its dormancy for winter and then as soon as winter breaks into early spring, the plant is able to take advantage of the nice temperatures and aggressively grow throughout the spring and early summer. Once summer hits and the temperatures reaches near/above 100 degrees, the plant is well established and able to better survive the summer heat. So if you have had any plants die over the summer, right now is the perfect time to have them replaced. Call our office at (314) 647-4800 and we will be able to setup a complementary consultation.