Leaf Removal

October 04, 2012

Leaf Removal

Fall has started and the trees are starting to change colors. This means a few different things: school is back in session, football season has started, baseball season is ending, and the leaves are falling, but they cannot get up by themselves.

We offer a variety of leaf removal options.

For customers that live in areas where the city does curb pick up- we can get the leaves to the curb.

We can also vacuum up the leaves with our equipment.

Another option for properties bordering a wood line is moving the leaves there. The timing depends on the homeowner- we can do one big clean up before Christmas or as many visits as you like. Normally customers prefer to have a clean up before Thanksgiving, then before Christmas, and a third -weather permitting- at the end of January. These clean ups are necessary to keep the grass healthy and also to remove any debris that might come due to inclement weather.

Don’t forget- during the beginning of fall many customers have us come around to perform lawn renovations. These consist of core aeration, over seeding and fertilization. The reason we do this in the fall is the same reason we prefer planting trees and shrubs in the fall- better establishment for spring growth and weed control. Call our office to schedule an appointment to have someone take a look at your property for both of these services. (314) 647-4800